Our Agency. we are explorers

Welcome to R2, an agency committed to brand strategy and digital activation. Both independent and creative, the agency draws its character from the French origins of its founders.

Passionate and resolute. Creativity

Our passion is stirred by all new concepts and types of creativity. Resolute about implementing them, we tackle sets involving 50 players and production in over 20 countries.

Explorers & Navigators. Social tech

Explorers when it comes to understanding and mastering the latest social technologies, ours is a resolutely digital landscape. As seasoned navigators, we go all out to implement them for our clients.

Loyal and committed to high standards. Customer relations

We are committed to defending the interests of our partner clients (and, at times stubborn, good Bretons that we are). Driven by the highest standards, we put great care into fulfilling our commitments and fiercely guard our independence.